About Color

Please be aware that the images shown in the galleries have been reduced in resolution for viewing purposes only, and to help speed download times. Also, due to the inconsistencies of individual monitors, it is nearly impossible to display exactly what will be seen in a finished print. In other words, you can expect the finished print to look much better than what you are able to view on the moniter. The printing process begins with a very high resolution, digitaly captured or scanned, image. Image editing occurs on a color calibrated computer monitor using minimal image manipulation. When necessary, image manipulation may consist of cropping, dodging, burning, and minor color correction to maintain the best possible output with very low image degradation. After a series of proof prints are made and checked, the final print is output from one of the best quality inkjet printers available, the Epson R2400. Using the archival K3 ink system, the printer produces some of the finest quality prints available today which have been estimated to last 100+ years. These prints are exceptional in quality and will most likely last a lifetime.

Moniter Calibration

Below is a Monitor Calibration Example Strip. You should be able to view each block individually from black to white. If not, you need to make some adjustments to your monitor. This will help you to better judge the exposure, contrast, and light in the posted images.

Moniter Calibration Bar